Are Facebook Ads better than Google AdWords?

Google AdWords vs Facebook AdsAdvertising is extremely significant for creating a brand name for the products and services that your company or business deals with. Those days are gone when the organizations used to spend hefty amounts of money on the printed papers and yellow pages for the advertisements. Today, people use the medium of internet to reach out to the common mass and execute the promotions. The most known ad services are provided by Google and Facebook. So how do we choosse between Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads?

Internet has changed the whole scenario

With the advent of the internet and the two web giants Facebook and Google the entire scenario of advertising and promotional methodologies and techniques have undergone drastic makeover and transformation. Both have their own unique and distinct marketing models. Different companies are employing any of these two modes and hence the debate AdWords vs Facebook Ads.

Comparing Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads

Bringing the comparison between the two is not an appropriate thing because Google is a search engine whereas Facebook is a social networking site. The purpose and the intent of the levels of the audiences are completely different and distinct from each other. Ideally both are the best platforms for advertising and promoting your products and services.
Should you compare between the two platforms?
Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads are the buzz word today in the forums and the discussion panels of the different internet communities. Both are no doubt unique and distinct in their very own ways but since they both are used for the promotional and marketing purposes comparisons are brought in and there is nothing wrong in it.
In case you own an organization and want to reach out to larger audience by promoting your services which is the platform that you will prefer choosing? Have you ever given thoughts on such aspects, huh? Sounds quite confusing, isn’t it? Facebook or Google – this is indeed the big question.
Are Facebook advertisements better for your business ventures?
• Its biggest advantage is its potential to target the correct audience based on the age group, location and sex.
• The free marketing tool of Facebook fan page is extremely beneficial for promoting your company.
• Since this is a social media platform it is very good in building relationship with the customers and clients.
• The Facebook Ads appear right on the home page of your profile. Thus, you don’t have waste time and energy to get them researched individually on search engines.
• It also features the advantages of images and photos in the advertisements. Visual appeal is very significant when you want to draw the attention of the customers and clients.
• Google AdWords are quite expensive especially for the small scale business firms. Whereas on the other hand the social medial marketing is quite cheap and budget friendly.
These are some of the highlighting characteristics and attributes of this giant social media platform that makes it far better and cheaper option than the Google. Thus, it becomes quite clear in the comparison of AdWords vs Facebook ads, the latter is the preferred choice. Now it totally depends on you to decide which one is better and more result oriented for you and your business venture.

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