Mahesh Babu Net Worth 2022

Mahesh Babu Net Worth 2022

Mahesh Babu Net Worth


Mahesh Babu is a name that resonates with success, talent, and stardom. As one of the most popular and influential actors in the Telugu film industry, Mahesh Babu has amassed a significant fortune throughout his illustrious career. In this article, we delve into Mahesh Babu’s net worth, exploring the various sources of his income, his assets, and his remarkable journey as an actor. Join us as we uncover the financial success of this iconic Indian superstar.

Given Mahesh Babu’s successful career spanning over two decades, his net worth is undoubtedly substantial. While the exact figures may vary, estimates place his net worth at around $50 million. This includes his earnings from acting, brand endorsements, production ventures, and his diverse investments.

Net Worth $33 Million
Name: Mahesh Babu
Net Worth In Indian Rupees: 256 Crore INR
Salary: 24 Crore +
Monthly Income: 2 Crore +
Age: 47 Yrs
Date of Birth: August 9, 1975
Gender: Male
Height: 1.83 M (6′ 0”)
Weight: 70 kg (150 Ibs)
Profession: Indian Actor
Nationality: Indian


About Mahesh Babu

If you love action-comedy and serious entertaining films, you might be a fan of Mahesh Babu. Here are some of the amazing facts about Mahesh Babu.

Mahesh Babu was born on 9th August 1975, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. His real name is Mahesh Gatthamaneni.

Frist Name Mahesh
Last Name Babu
Full Name Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu
Profession Actor
Age 47-Year-old
Official Twitter Handel Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Birth Date 9 August 1975
Height 1.83 m
weight 70 Kg
Birth place Chennai
Spouse Namrata Shirodkar (2005)
Children Sitara Ghattamaneni, Gautham Ghattamaneni
Parents Krishana, Indira Devi
Siblings Padmavathi Ghattamaneni, Manjula Ghattamaneni, Priyadarshini Ghattamaneni, Naresh Vijaya Krishna, Ramesh Babu
Country Indian
Estimated Net Worth in 2023 256 Crore INR
Estimated Annual Salary 24 Crore


Early Life and Career Beginnings

Mahesh Babu, born on August 9, 1975, in Chennai, India, comes from a family deeply entrenched in the film industry. His father, Superstar Krishna, was a renowned actor, and his mother, Indira Devi, belonged to a prominent film family. Growing up in this environment, Mahesh Babu developed a passion for acting and made his on-screen debut as a child artist.

Breakthrough and Stardom

After completing his studies, Mahesh Babu pursued a full-fledged acting career. He made his debut as a lead actor in the 1999 film “Raja Kumarudu,” which garnered critical acclaim and established him as a promising talent in the industry. With subsequent successful movies like “Murari” and “Okkadu,” Mahesh Babu solidified his position as a rising star.

Mahesh bahu net worth Indian Rs

Name Mahesh Babu
Net worth $33 Million
Net worth in Indian Rupees 256 crore INR
Profession Indian Actor
Monthly income and salary 2 Crore +
Yearly Income 24 Crore +


Acting Career and Achievements

Over the years, Mahesh Babu has delivered numerous blockbuster hits, earning him a massive fan following and critical acclaim. His performances in movies like “Athadu,” “Pokiri,” and “Dookudu” showcased his versatility as an actor and his ability to draw audiences to theaters. With his suave looks, charismatic persona, and impeccable acting skills, Mahesh Babu has consistently dominated the Telugu film industry.

Endorsements and Brand Collaborations

Apart from his acting career, Mahesh Babu has also ventured into brand endorsements, aligning himself with top-tier companies. His association with popular brands like Thums Up, Santoor, and Idea Cellular has not only added to his net worth but also contributed to his overall brand value and recognition.

Production Ventures

Mahesh Babu’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own production company, G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Under this banner, he has produced successful films such as “Srimanthudu” and “Bharat Ane Nenu,” showcasing his business acumen and passion for storytelling.

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Real Estate Investments

Like many successful celebrities, Mahesh Babu has also invested in real estate. He owns luxurious properties, including houses and commercial spaces, in prime locations. These investments not only serve as assets but also contribute to his overall net worth.

Average earning/remuneration

Net worth in 2023 Rs. 256 Crore INR
Net worth in 2022 Rs. 225 Crore INR
Net worth in 2021 Rs. 199 Crore INR
Net worth in 2020 Rs. 150 Crore INR
Net worth in 2019 Rs. 130 Crore INR
Net worth in 2018 Rs. 98 Crore INR
Annual Income Rs. 24 Crore INR
Luxury cars Rs. 9 Crore INR
Houses Rs. 28 Crore INR


Philanthropic Initiatives

Mahesh Babu is not just an accomplished actor and astute businessman; he is also known for his philanthropic endeavors. He actively participates in various charitable activities and has established the Heal-a-Child Foundation, which provides medical support to children in need. His philanthropic efforts reflect his commitment to making a positive impact on society.


1.How did Mahesh Babu start his acting career?

 Mahesh Babu began his acting career as a child artist and later made his debut as a lead actor in the film “Raja Kumarudu.”

2.What is Mahesh Babu’s net worth?

 Estimates suggest that Mahesh Babu’s net worth is around $50 million.

3.Does Mahesh Babu own a production company?

Yes, Mahesh Babu owns a production company called G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

4.Apart from acting, what are Mahesh Babu’s other sources of income?

Mahesh Babu earns through brand endorsements, real estate investments, and various business ventures.

5.What philanthropic initiatives is Mahesh Babu involved in?

Mahesh Babu actively supports philanthropic causes and has established the Heal-a-Child Foundation, which provides medical aid to children in need.


Mahesh Babu’s journey from a child artist to one of the most accomplished actors in Indian cinema is an inspiring tale of hard work, talent, and perseverance. With a multitude of successful films, lucrative brand associations, and astute business ventures, he has not only amassed immense wealth but also left an indelible mark on the industry. Mahesh Babu continues to reign supreme as an influential and beloved figure in the hearts of his fans.

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